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Win Green is an author whose latest book, 
The Ten Loves of God, is a series on the
Ten Commandments that can be used for small group study, Bible study, and/or for personal study.
Win is a United Methodist, a member of the Florida Annual Conference, and currently servers as a pastor of Baughman Memorial UMC, New Cumberland, PA (Susquehanna Annual Conference).

Dr. Win GreenWin has served in campus ministry with students at Princeton, he's planted two churches, taught Old Testament at Somerset Christian College, and is the author of two books (All You Ever Wanted being first).        



History confirms that Jesus of Nazareth was seen by many, but that most who saw Him did not believe.  Evidently, seeing Jesus was not to believe in Him.  For some it had the opposite effect - seeing Him caused many to disbelieve.  The New testament is surprisingly frank on this subject.  The Pharasees and Sadusees saw Jesus miracles but did not believe.  John 7:5 tells us that Jesus' own brothers saw but did not blieve.  Crowds of common folk also saw Him, and evidently they too did not believe - they would not follow.  This should not... Read More >>


If "seeing is believing" it is also true that "believing is seeing."  For example, we must first believe in hope before we can see it.  When facing the worst: the death of a child, the loss of health, the destruction of one's family... the choice to believe in hope makes it possible to see... even in the worst of circumstances.   Read More >>

It is politically popular to attack the entitlement programs in our federal budget.  Some are fond of saying that we can't afford them.  Some rail at the whole entitlement mentality.  For example, nearly 50% of America no longer pay any Federal taxes but you can bet they expect all the benefits.  Most assume medical care is their right.  Adult children return to their parents homes to live rent free.  The attitude of entitlement is alive and well.
<...


I am reminded of an ancient wisdom that is confirmed over and over again in Scripture, “No Testimony without a Test!”  There is Read More >>


What is the difference between living & dying churches?  Well, let me give you five: Read More >>


The telephone call came shortly after Osama Bin Laden's assination.  A church member wanted to know what they could read to help them sort through their jumbled feelings.  She was relieved that he was dead, but horrified that he was assinated.  She felt the satisfaction of revenge, but guilty that her government pulled the trigger.  She felt his death was justified, but the murder of an unarmed man was not.  The more she thought it though, the more conflicted she felt.  "Pastor, what can I read to help me sort o... Read More >>


Skeptics like to point out that there are discrepancies in the Bible of Jesus’ rising.  But I would remind such skeptics that the Roman historians Livy and Polypus each wrote very different historical accounts of Hannibal's crossing the Alps, but no one disputes the fact that Hannibal did in fact cross them.  Historians do not always agree, but that does not negate the history.  What is astonishing is that each of the four Gospel writers agreed on the same outrageous claim...... Read More >>


Three days ago I attended a worship service at a small country church (in Dillsburg, PA.) out in the middle of a corn field.  It was notable because of the number of teens and twenty-somethings who attended - eagerly.  It wasn't a "youth meeting."  It was a regular service for all ages.  Still, 30% of the 300 attendees were under 30.  Was it the music?  The... Read More >>


Fascinating article was in last week's Economist Magazine ( Jan 22-28, 2011 ), page 93! Apparently, new research has concluded that those couples who wait until AFTER their wedding day to consummate their relationship sexually benefit from measurable higher degrees of marital satisfaction. Keep in mind that the Economist is not prudish rag. Clearly the finding flies in the face of all that we have heard from the beau monde of pop culture, who have been shilling for years that abstinence is unnatural and unhealthy. Read More >>


I am weary of hearing how our public schools are failing children and that we are not investing enough tax dollars for our kid's aducation. Have you been in a public school classroom of late? A typical situation for a teacher today is to have twenty some sudents in their classroom, four or fiveof whom are largely out of control. Read More >>

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