"Surveys show that many today have a deep hunger for God, Win's book speaks directly and clearly to this spiritual condition.  It will clarify and buttress your faith."
George Gallup Jr., pollster, author, and founding chairman, The George H. Gallup International Institute

"Now and then we need someone to challenge us in how the Ten Commandments apply to our lives today.  Win does that superbly."
Maxie Dunnam, pastor, author, past president of Asbury Theological Seminary

"Through numerous examples and engaging explanations Win Green leads the reader through a path for living the commandments day by day."
Bishop Jane Allen Middleton, Susquehanna Annual Conference UMC

A devotional and small group study on God'sTen Commandments

Moses received God's Ten Commandments atop Mt. Sinai, and ever since they've served as the moral and spiritual foundation for the Judeo/Christian worlds. But are they still relevant in today's high-tech, religiously diverse, sexually aggressive world? Of course they are! With The Ten Loves of God, Win Green celebrates the gift of love that each Command intends. Each chapter highlights examples of how each command frees us to live fuller and more satisfying lives. It is a joyous proclamation of the age old truths written in a fresh new way. George Gallup the pollster/author describes the book as a "buttress for your faith". Maxie Dunnam, Chancellor of Asbury Theological Seminary, calls the book - "superb."

Win is a United Methodist, a member of the Florida Annual Conference, and currently serves as pastor of Baughman Memorial UMC, New Cumberland, PA (Susquehanna Annual Conference). He is a member of the Florida Annual Conference. Win has served in campus ministry with students at Princeton University, he's planted two churches, taught Old Testament at Somerset Christian College, and is the author of two books (All You Ever Wanted being his first).

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