The telephone call came shortly after Osama Bin Laden's assination.  A church member wanted to know what they could read to help them sort through their jumbled feelings.  She was relieved that he was dead, but horrified that he was assinated.  She felt the satisfaction of revenge, but guilty that her government pulled the trigger.  She felt his death was justified, but the murder of an unarmed man was not.  The more she thought it though, the more conflicted she felt.  "Pastor, what can I read to help me sort out my feelings?" 

Well... if we are looking for something to read to make us feel better, I'm not sure we'll find much satisfaction.  "An eye for an eye" is a obvious place to go.  "Vengence is mine" is another.  But this would be using the Bible to justify our own limited perspective.  The cold hard facts are these.  Our govenment assinated a very dangerous man; one responsible for killing thousands of Muslims, Jews, Christians, and secular folk world wide.  Even so, our taxes and votes were used to assinate an unarmed man in the sanctity of his own home.  We also shot his wife, and killed his son.  Just because Osama Bin Laden was guilty does not give us the liscence to murder ourselves.  Remember the old saying, 'If to overcome the beast we become like the beast then the beast has won.'

I don't think there is a good/satisfying answer here.  America is relieved that it no longer has to deal with Bin Laden's threat.  But we are also responsible for the killing of an unarmed man.  If I was the President of the United States would I order his murder to protect the lives of my people and to preserve the western world?  I fear I might..  And my hair would turn grey because of such an aweful choice. 

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