I am reminded of an ancient wisdom that is confirmed over and over again in Scripture, “No Testimony without a Test!”  There is

                   No victory without a fight.
                   No healing without a sickness
                   No promise without a price
                   No resurrection without a crucifixion
                   No Crown without a Cross
Webster defines testimony as a witness.  In other words a testimony is a witness to the truth.  When we go through a test we learn from personal experience what is and is not true. 
          You may be going through the test of not having a job, experiencing family grief, or a financial trial.  Life is testing you, and at the end of this test, you will have a testimony.  You will serve as a witness.  Was God there for you?  Was He faithful to walk with you all the way through your trial?  Did God answer your pleas for help?   At the end of your test you will have a testimony.
          Life is a test!  And this is a true today as it was true for all the great saints of God. 
          Abraham and Sarah were directed by God to leave their home and travel to a foreign land.  It was a test of faith.  The Bible is full of saints with testimonies.  Daniel had a testimony of God delivering him from the lion’s den.  King David had a testimony of God delivering him from Goliath’s hands.  Joseph had a testimony of how God transformed him in one day from a forgotten prisoner to the ruler of Egypt.   
          Indeed, the entire Bible is a testimony of God’s faithfulness – a testimony that comes in two testaments – the old testimony of the ancient Hebrews and the new testimony of the followers of Jesus.  Both the Old Testament and the New are full of stories of men and women going through great trials, and in those tests learning all about God.

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