History confirms that Jesus of Nazareth was seen by many, but that most who saw Him did not believe.  Evidently, seeing Jesus was not to believe in Him.  For some it had the opposite effect - seeing Him caused many to disbelieve.  The New testament is surprisingly frank on this subject.  The Pharasees and Sadusees saw Jesus miracles but did not believe.  John 7:5 tells us that Jesus' own brothers saw but did not blieve.  Crowds of common folk also saw Him, and evidently they too did not believe - they would not follow.  This should not be surprising.  After all the Bible itself describes Jesus thusly,  "He had no form or majesty that we would look at him... we held Him of no account."  (Isaiah 53:2-3).  Jesus is describe by Scripture as a very unimpressive figure.  Pontius Pilot saw Him, and did not believe.  King Herod saw Him, and did not believe.  The High Priest saw Him and did not believe.  Seeing is not always believing when it comes to Jesus.  Many who read through the New Testament wonder what it would have been like to live back 2,000 years ago and to be witnesses of Jesus' life... to see the miracles... to hear His sermons... to particpate in His resurrection.  We imagine faith would be easier if we were witnesses.  But I"m not so sure.  We might not have seen much of anything had we not first believed.  Remember, when Jesus first rose from the dead no one recognized Him. They did not look with the eyes of faith. 

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