It is politically popular to attack the entitlement programs in our federal budget.  Some are fond of saying that we can't afford them.  Some rail at the whole entitlement mentality.  For example, nearly 50% of America no longer pay any Federal taxes but you can bet they expect all the benefits.  Most assume medical care is their right.  Adult children return to their parents homes to live rent free.  The attitude of entitlement is alive and well.
And this is also true spiritually.  Folks seem to feel spiritually entitled.  For example, folks tend to assume that God somehow owes them for being good.  They assume that they can believe whatever they want (regardless of what God Himself may say about it) and that God will accept their beliefs.  They assume that it doesn't really matter what your faith may be so long as you're sincere.  Most of all folks feel entitled to heaven... Heaven is a reservation presumed by most... an entitlement for being "a nice person." 
Well... we're assuming an awful lot here, and we're gambling that we are right and that the Scripture is wrong when it says, "Straight is the way and narrow is the gate, and those who enter are FEW!"  
I know God to be totally kind, forgiving, and gracious.  But God is no one's fool.  He expects to be accepted on His terms, not ours.  He expects to be respected as the final authority, not one option among many.  He expects that anyone who honestly comes to experience Him personally will fall before Him in fear and trembling.  He expects His followers to obey Him, not merely contemplate Him. 
We presume much with our spiritual entitlements.  Like I said, some of us are betting the farm that we are right and that the Scriptures are wrong.

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