Fascinating article was in last week's Economist Magazine ( Jan 22-28, 2011 ), page 93! Apparently, new research has concluded that those couples who wait until AFTER their wedding day to consummate their relationship sexually benefit from measurable higher degrees of marital satisfaction. Keep in mind that the Economist is not prudish rag. Clearly the finding flies in the face of all that we have heard from the beau monde of pop culture, who have been shilling for years that abstinence is unnatural and unhealthy.

There have been wins and losses from the great sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's. Clearly the bigest looser has been the strenght of the institution of marriage. It has been gutted of sanctity, sacrifice, and singularity. Name one marriage on television today portrayed with any degree of revenrence. On the blue screen of pop culture marriage is largely mocked. In July of 2009 Time Magazin (no conservative voice) made the following remarkable statement. "There is no other single force ausing as much measurable hardship ans human misery in this country as the collapse of marriage. It hurts children, it reduces mother's financial security, and it has landed with particular devastation on those who can bear it the least: the nation's underclass." Perhaps a little more abstinence from popular culture would do us all good.

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