I am weary of hearing how our public schools are failing children and that we are not investing enough tax dollars for our kid's aducation. Have you been in a public school classroom of late? A typical situation for a teacher today is to have twenty some sudents in their classroom, four or fiveof whom are largely out of control.

In other words kids come to school unparented and unprepared to learn! Many now presume that our schools should to the parenting. Teachers are expected to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as basic manners, behavior boundaries, personal hygiene, and norms for civility and emotional maturation! In addition to teaching... teachers are expected to be counselors, social workers, detectives, therapists, referees, policemen... AND moms and dads! This is absurd. The function of pur public school is to teach them, not "raise" them. Naturally teachers are involved in the social engineering process, but they are not parents, After having volunteered in the classroom for several years I've come to the conclusion that the big culprit of our currenteducation crisis is not our teachers/administration/government, but our parents. Too many parents are AWOL in the rearing of the children, and have utterly failed at preparing their kids to follow direction, obey authority, and learn. I'm waiting for the politician to stand up and take our parents to task!

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