What is the difference between living & dying churches?  Well, let me give you five:

1.     Dying churches focus on growing their membership;

a.      Living churches focus on sharing their faith.

2.     Dying churches work at running their church;

a.     Living churches work at making disciples.

3.     Dying churches are people led;

a.     Living churches are Spirit led.

4.     Dying churches drive to mission projects; 

a.     Living churches are mission driven.

5.     Dying churches fix things; 

a.     Living churches create things. 

The United Methodist Church is attempting to change from a dying church to a living church.  In 1965 the UMC  enjoyed nearly 11,000,000 members.  Today we have less than 8,000,000 members.  BUT THAT IS NOT THE REAL STORY!  The real story is this… most United Methodists are not excited enough about their spiritual life to share it with others.  

People outside the church are not much interested in church matters.   But let me remind you what they do care about.  They care about overcoming their depression.  They care about losing 30 pounds.  They care about personally experiencing God.  They care about improving their marriage.  When United Methodists address people’s real concerns we won’t have a problem attracting new people.  We will have more people than we know what to do with. 

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