The Ten Loves of God

One by one, Win uses stories, illustrations, and humorous anecdotes to describe the meaning of each of the Ten Commandments for clear application in today's world. Win aims straight for your heart as he unwinds the needless confusion and uncertainty surrounding God's commands in our cynically skeptical culture. You will hear from the likes of Miss America, Woody Allen, Oprah, and George O'Leary who was the football coach of Notre Dame for only five days. The book is deftly written, no heavy languages or dense ideas. Instead, the book is fresh air blowing through the age old truths of the Jewish and Christian Faiths. It is satisfying reading for the individual or a small group. Learn more >>


All You Ever Wanted

All You Ever Wanted Is written with deftness of hand and wisdom of heart. It follows the nine fruits in a relationship with Jesus: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Each chapter features an intriguing nugget of biographical history, which Win uses to illustrate on the nine fruits. And the writing is in no manner heavy: Win uses colloquial phrases and thoughts to full advantage. (For instance, he describes John Newton, the author of the hymn Amazing Grace, as a "wild ass is a man whom not even the cruelties of the British navy's chains, stocks and floggings could tame").

Win makes colorful references to literature (Dostoevsky and Twain), history (Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Maximillian Kolbe, Brother Yun) and contemporary American culture ( New York Yankees, movies, etc.) The book is light in its writing and presentation, but substantial in its insights, sowing the seeds of devotion and love.

Very satisfying reading for an individual or small study group.


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